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seeing illegal immigrants when they go to a clinic in l.a. and other places, they pay cash. starting to see what you referred to. you go in and you pay, you get somebody to walk you through the system. you make your own choices. upper income, lower income with what is happening in obamacare, millions of middle income people will say we want out, we want to be in control. a whole new system will emerge the exact opposite of what the president wanted. connell: the long-term bet is the new enrollees in obamacare and satisfaction with the program will outweigh the people who are upset with it. i would assume, that is their long-term view this will seem like a distant memory at some point. >> you have online insurance now, private exchanges. these things work because if you don't, you go out of business unlike the government where you get more money and the more you fail. the idea people will be satisfied, you trust your medical records by government agencies. you want to be able to nowhere is this thing. you just have to stay healthy for the next two to three years. dagen: can insurance
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1